Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Silda Wall Spitzer

"I don't think that it's the [First Lady] label that counts so much, it's really what gets done. And in my professional life, I've been working the last 10 years to get children and youth involved in civic engagement and giving back to the community through volunteering, and so this is a moment when I could give back in my civic capacity. So I feel that it's important." Silda Wall Spitzer

Governor Eliot Spitzer resigned today, even though his wife Silda urged him to stay in office. As did I.

New York's (former) first lady is a class act. Don't feel sorry for her. Don't fight her battles. Don't tell her what to do or where to stand or how to feel. It's insulting and demeaning to assume she's a helpless victim.

Silda Spitzer is very, very smart. She knows her husband far better than we do. Don't think for a minute she was in the dark about his randy behavior. And who knows, maybe it suited her just fine. In the end, it's none of our business.

So Governor Eliot Spitzer's got feet of clay, especially when it comes to sex. So what? Show me a man--especially one in power--who doesn't. (Okay, W's an exception).

If Spitzer's wife doesn't care, why should we? I still say Spitzer's got the right stuff. The value-add of his ability, brains, knowledge, dedication and honesty in government far outweighs the downside doings in his personal life.

We are SO freakin naive and hypocritical about sex in this country -- Right Wingnuts most of all. We love to talk about sex, hint about it, titillate ourselves with glimpses of it. And we love even more to take potshots at those who participate in any unfettered version of it.

I'm not talking about pedophile priests or congressional sexual harassers, who should be castrated ... but instead are given protection and pensions. I'm talking about a powerful guy who used a high priced call girl. Heavens to Betsy!

And really, $80,000 pales in comparison to the billions of dollars looted from our government coffers by Cheney's pals.

It's our loss that Eliot Spitzer was forced to resign--over his own wife's objections--by petty people with venal minds. And all the while the real crooks and liars are stealing us blind.

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