Monday, December 17, 2007

Suzie's Dad - A Righteous Man

"No monuments are erected for the righteous; their deeds perpetuate their memory." John Lennon

My friend Suzie lost her father November 28 to a sudden coronary, blessedly in his sleep. It's tragic on many levels, not the least that age 67 is far too young to go. And because he was Suzie's Dad.

It was clear meeting Suzie's parents how much they loved each other and their daughter. I always felt I knew them well ... because of Suzie.
The home she bought, based party on the private, pretty space she set up for their visits. The pictures of them throughout that home. The stories of her childhood, her mom's good heart, her dad's dogged dedication to the Republican party. We joked about that a lot.

Suzie's Dad loved his family, his country, his party and his fellow man -- pretty much in that order.

He was a devoted husband and father. An Army veteran. A staunch Republican, former head of the GOP Marion County. (Only for Suzie would I put up a Republican link.)

I can't bring myself to hold it against him, especially because he was such a dedicated volunteer, teaching people to read. And because he was Suzie's Dad.

He doted on Suzie's mom, took care of her, took care of everything. And Suzie wasn't just "Daddy's girl," she and her dad were a team ... regardless of that pesky Republican thing.

Suzie's Dad was a solid, hard working, kind, decent, honorable man. A good husband, a good father, a good brother, uncle, friend. A good person.

A righteous man.

I put a flag up there in his memory, because Suzie said they put one in the local paper and he would have liked that.
Rest in Peace, Suzie's Dad, you left a truly righteous legacy.

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Anonymous HummingbirdMind said...

Nice. Well deserved. :-)

Godspeed, Des.

2:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Suzie's got a great friend in you.

4:24 PM  

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