Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Terrorism In Egypt - Brotherhood in Blood

Aleksander Rabij/Reuters

"Bodies were everywhere. We carried bodies until the government came." Ahmed el Tabakh

"With the sound of the explosion we thought it was Judgment Day." Addal Ramadan

It's barbaric. Unconscionable. Grotesque. The mind literally boggles at the thought of 30 innocent men, women and children blown to pieces in Egypt today. And for what? To further a sick, deluded, despicable cause.

Terrorism has been a way of life in the Middle East for centuries. Millennia in fact. The Arab world against Israel. Palestinians against Israel. Israel against all who strive to annihilate it. Locked in a mortal struggle for primacy, supremacy, history ... land. Fanatics and statesmen alike unable to agree on anything save their unending hatred and distrust.

But today's bombings in Egypt upped the ante. Now it's truly brother against brother. And we've got to step up on this one. Because we're part of the same fight.

Before 9/11, as long as the killings and the conflict stayed safely on the other side of the world, Americans could view it ... well ... as a conflict on the other side of the world. Many fought to stop it of course, but few seemed to truly understand the terrible price paid by its victims.

Then planes exploded into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and almost (thank you, heroes of Flight 93) into the Capitol. And we joined that exclusive club of those who know terrorism empirically, first hand, up close and personal.

So when the Madrid bombings, then the London bombings killed more members of Western Civilization, America could empathize. Get angry. Demand retribution. But. Nothing of any substance was accomplished.

And when bombs exploded in Tel Aviv last week for the umpteenth time, where was America? Clucking its tongue as if this were the 70's. How quickly we forget our own pain.

And now a brutal attack in Egypt. World leaders, including the Hamas and Palestinian governments send out press statements condemning the violence. But what are they DOING about it? Nothing.

Trust me, if Egypt retaliates, they will be applauded. Yet when Israel fights back against terrorist attacks, they're excoriated throughout the Middle East and most of the world.

As a Jew--as a human being--I've been railing against the horrendous terrorism in Israel for years. Egypt was once Israel's enemy, then it's ally, now it's not so clear.

One thing is very clear. The people pulverized in those Egyptian resorts today weren't politicians or fanatics, they were tourists. We don't know what they thought about world events.

But we can surely surmise they weren't planning to give their lives--or their children's lives--to help godless infidels make a point.

And they are now joined in death with all victims of this unceasing violence.



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