Monday, October 23, 2006

Eagles - Exorcist Curse?

DAVID MAIALETTI/Daily News [graphic added]

"You can't play that way and win. We had too many turnovers. Four turnovers against a good football team, we've got to do a better job at that." Eagles head coach Andy Reid

I'm having Super Bowl flashback nightmares. (Don't ask which Super Bowl, to Philadelphians there's only the one in 2005.) I'm beginning to think McNabb's cookie toss in Tampa was another omen. It gave me a baaad feeling. I said to myself, damn, it's an Exorcist curse.

Another eerie similarity: McNabb cost the Eagles yet another field goal opportunity with poor clock management just before halftime. He does that a lot. We lost the Super Bowl by a field goal, remember. Then in this Tampa game, we had to watch Matt Bryant's creepy 62 yard field goal levitation.

What's up with McNabb's time management anyway? Shouldn't a 28 million dollar five-time Pro Bowl quarterback have his game timing down by now? And why is he so often as inconsistent as a college QB instead of an 8-year veteran of the pros?

Plus, what's with the constant turnovers? Could those interceptions instead be... wait for it ... demonic possessions? (Okay, that would play better if we'd lost to Dallas.)

But if I read one more sentence about McNabb's "valiant comeback" in the second half, I might lose my own lunch. A comeback only counts as valiant if it's against a really tough team after you've already played your heart out... not when you've put yourself in the hole with multiple errors against a mediocre team and puked your guts out.

I continue to ask, what's the deal with McNabb? Why does everybody think he's such a saint and a hero? Yeah, when he's good, he's great. But he spends way too much time being downright bad. And we're not paying for bad. Read Ashley Fox, who has it nailed.

It was bad Donovan McNabb, and good Donovan McNabb, on the same field, on the same day, sometimes even alternating plays. Over the years, we've come to know them both so well.
During all the brouhaha over T.O. I maintained--and I still do--that football is serious business, not a kids' game. Bottom line, it's not about personality, it's about performance. Donovan might be a hellova nice guy, but dammit, we want to WIN!

We can't win if McNabb doesn't keep his head on straight. Freddie Mitchell can run like the devil, but so can Ronde Barber, the interceptor from Hell.

Forget the excuses and explanations. Our prayers aren't going to bring us a winning season. Andy Reid needs to call in an exorcist.

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