Thursday, June 15, 2006

Hell, the Oil Will Kill You!

"The oil can is mightier than the sword." Everett Dirksen

I don't mean to name-drop, but I got an email from Robert Redford the other day. It opened with "Dear Sally." And he included his pic in case I've forgotten what he looks like.

Now I've led an interesting life and met my share of celebs, but I just couldn't remember a Brush with Greatness vis a vis Bob Redford. Maybe it was my Carl Bernstein connection? No, that would've meant an email from Dustin Hoffman.

Then I reread the address: Ah, a clue. So I read the email. Be still my heart. Bob doesn't want me, he wants my support. Or rather, the Center for American Progress Action Fund wants me to join the Kick The Oil Habit Campaign.

A critical cause if ever there was one. And I'm on board already, with or without Bob's personal appeal. (Yeah, good pun.)

I don't think Bob will mind if I share the email with you.

Dear Sally,

When President Bush took office in 2001, the average price of a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline was $1.47. Today the average price is $2.89 and it’s much more in many places. This surge in gas prices has hit a nerve for many around the country, reminding us of an economy that is increasingly uncertain for the middle-class, a growing addiction to oil that draws us ever closer to dictators and despots, and a fragile global position with a climate that is increasingly out of balance.

It's time to rise to the challenge and Kick the Oil Habit.

Join me and thousands of others by taking action at

We just launched a campaign to take on Big Oil companies and demand better energy solutions. Please take a moment to visit our site and watch our powerful video that shows how Big Oil and their backers in Washington are profiting while working Americans are paying more.

Our first action is to challenge oil companies to double the number of E85 ethanol fuel pumps at their stations within a year and pledge to offer renewable fuel at half of all gas stations within the decade.

Please join our effort and take action now:

Thank you,

Robert Redford on behalf of the Kick the Oil Habit campaign.
Let's face it, the world's swimming in oil yet we can't get our own personal share without robbing a bank to pay for it.

It's time to take the plunge into alternative energy sources.

And I don't know about you, but I'll jump off that cliff with Robert Redford any time.

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