Friday, May 26, 2006

Even Mrs. Robinson Had Limits

"There's a long, deep history there. And it's something so familiar to me, I just don't know what else to say about that. He's my life." Mary Kay Letourneau

"I see my youth. I see heaven." Vili Fualaau

Mary Kay Letourneau and Vili Fualaau showed up on the Today Show this morning to celebrate their one year wedding anniversary. For cave dwellers or those emerging from 9-year comas, the blushing bride went to jail for raping the groom in 6th grade.

No, they weren't classmates. He was the 6th grader. She was the teacher. But she (they?) claimed it was a consensual love affair.

Consensual love? Consensual sex? Between a 34 year old woman and a 12 year old boy? What was Mrs. Letourneau thinking??

My perfectly good bowl of Cheerios went to waste as I watched this nauseating spectacle. How Matt Laurer managed to politely interview the couple without losing his own Cheerios is a mystery to me.

So here's my second question: What was The Today Show thinking??

I haven't viewed the show lately. The Kiss Katie Good Bye Countdown is just too over the top for me. Although I guess for Katie it's a bit like participating in your own memorial service.

I only tuned in this morning looking for some distraction from my 9 am appointment with an oral surgeon. And found myself face to face with a couple who made me gag.

Let's review the back story. Mrs. Letourneau and little Vili first met when he was a student in her second grade class. Their "friendship" continued and apparently blossomed when was her student again in sixth grade. They started having sex when he was 12. She was 34, married, the mother of four children.

By the time she was arrested for child rape, she was already pregnant with his first child. Vili Fualaau became a father at age 14. Mary Kay got a suspended sentence by promising the judge never to see him again.

Then they were caught in a car at 3 am. She was sent back to jail to serve her full 7 year sentence -- pregnant again. They pledged publicly to stay faithful to each other. She had their second child.

A year ago, after Mary Kay got out of jail, the couple got married.

They've petitioned for custody of both children. What of Mary Kay's first marriage? Her ex-husband filed for divorce and fled with their four children to Alaska. (I hope he stays there. And gets those kids lots and lots of therapy.)

Matt asked the happy couple what they'd say to those still horrified at their situation. Mary replied "we're just really good people" who just want "to make a home for their children."

Vili chimed in with this stunning justification. "She's done her time. There's a lot of other male rapers out there who've done 6 months and they're out."

Ah, so he admits she's a rapist. Obviously that hasn't interfered with their love.

Matt wanted to know what they have in common. Vili: Outlook on life. People. Where we live. Mary: Appreciation for art. Music. They both left out what would seem to be the key component: Sex.

That's what sticks in my craw. Sex, equated with love, between an adult and a child. How will this victimized kid, only 22 and already the father of two, ever have a sane, appropriate view of sex or love or a genuinely mature relationship?

And this woman. Victimizer. Child molester. How does she justify her behavior? She "fell in love." With a 12-year-old. Oh PLEASE. She took advantage of a young boy's inexperience with life and his budding adolescent sexuality to act out her depraved infantile fantasy. If she think's that's love, she's delusional at best. A psycho at worst.

Mary Kay Letourneau was supposed to know better. She was a grown woman. A wife and mother. A teacher. She was supposed to protect, not corrupt. Such a twisted relationship shouldn't even have been on her radar, much less in her life.

But when Matt asked how she's coped with public outrage over her actions, Mary took refuge in "people who've said they prayed for us all those years."

Who are these people? Other baby rapers? Fellow sociopaths? I'm guessing if they exist at all, they're the same brand of deluded "Christians" who blindly support pedophile priests no matter the evidence of their crimes.

The last time I was this creeped out by a marriage it involved Michael Jackson. And the parallels aren't so very different. Adults overly interested in children as love--and sex--objects. And acting on that interest.

You know why?

Because they can.

I have one final question. Where were--where are--Vili Fualaau's parents?

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