Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Plame Name Game

It's been a long hard day. Don't ask. So here's something from the

We asked what to call Judy Miller's source on the "Flame" name. You said:

Scooter Libby
Lewis "Sparky" Libby
Scooter Fibby
Bic Cheney
Flame Retardant
Girls Gone Wild: Niger
Flame On
Flame Out
Flame Thrower
Bananas Foster
"Karl Rove"
Medium-Depth Throat
The Second Gunman
Burning Bush
Forgotten Flame
Mother Flamer
Preparation H
A Crying Flame
And my personal favorite:
Veep Throat
Here's the update, in case you've been living under a rock NATIONAL JOURNAL: CIA Leak Prosecutor Focuses On Libby.

And it's time everybody knew that my pal Cindy Lou has been right about this thing all along. Take a look at her take here: CYNTHIA JOHNSTON: SCOOTERGATE and here WILL KARL ROVE BE INDICTED?

(Thanks, B.)



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