Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Fighting Poverty, One Grain At A Time


"Many words are poverty." Greek proverb

My sister Judy sent me a link to a word game produced by the good people at Poverty.com. It tests your vocabulary. Maybe even helps build it. If you play, you'll help build a child's starving body. One grain at a time.

What could be more worthwhile than that?


I can't say it any better than my sister's words:

This is a word game that has a kick: for each correctly defined word they [Radisson, iTunes, AmEx, Google and others] will send rice to countries where people are starving.

If you like our language and occasionally think about world hunger, go for it. I love it!

PS: If you aren't interested, that's OK, too. Just delete it and don't give a thought to the starving children..............

The next time you sit at your computer mindlessly playing solitaire, play FreeRice instead.

You'll not only improve your mind, you'll improve your soul. And maybe, if enough of us participate, we can save some lives.

One grain at a time.


As we start powering our way toward the obscene food fest of Thanksgiving, pass it along.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is GREAT! Thank you!

5:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I enjoyed donating 600 grains of rice and hope when it told me how many grains, this means they were sent. I saw no way to "submit" or "send."

6:03 PM  

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