Friday, June 02, 2006

Meet Citizen Mom

"A blog is an ideal way of doing a brain dump on a daily basis of what is going on right now, the weird, the exciting and the awful things ... I also wanted to have a record for myself, just for posterity." David Adams

As a nice girl I try try to play well with others, so I include a list of favorite blogs on my blogroll. I'm not all that nice, though, and like most bloggers, my list is a bit buried ... way down there on the right, in fact. I call it BLOGS ETCETERA.

Occasionally I highlight a special blogger up here above the fold. This is one of those times.

In January I urged you to read Yaakov Kirschen, a political cartoonist and commentator who's compiled his years of award-winning work into the Dry Bones blog. If you have any interest in the world around you, and in the Middle East, you'll put him on your regular must-read list.

Amy Quinn couldn't be more different from Yaakov Kirschen, nor Citizen Mom from Dry Bones, but they share something important in common -- besides me. They know how to write. To communicate. To spin the straw of everyday events and experiences into sparkling strands of gold.

Dan Rubin of Blinq will profile Amy this Sunday in the Philadelphia Inquirer. Dan chose 5 young people (well, young to us Baby Boomers) and he chose well. I know you'll find Amy refreshing and articulate.

A stand out in the often tired, trite land of Blogville, Dan refers to Citizen Mom as a "pitch-perfect mommy blog." And he adds, "It's about equal parts parenting and domesticity, politics and celebrity - with regular reminders of what's worth hearing that doesn't involve Raffi or Sesame Street.."

Amy's got the right stuff to write about all of the above. She approaches heavy subjects with a light touch and just the right amount of irony and humor. And humility. And gravitas. She's the real deal. And a great read.

Here's the bulldog edition of Dan's Sunday's review. Read it, then read Citizen Mom. Amy Quinn has a voice worth listening to ... and adding to your blogroll to share with your friends.

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Sally, how lovely. Thank you so, so much.

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