Friday, May 05, 2006

Expletive Deleted - But Valid

Jim's Big Ego : UnPop for the Unpopuluous!, courtesy of Film Strip International

"Not every ass has long ears." German Proverb

Our country is in serious trouble. We seesaw daily from the frying pan to the fire. Held there by the president and his posse of radical right wing extremists. Not caring who burns in that Hell as long as they get what they want.

I've tried to understand them. Used reason and rationale. Empathy and effort. Enormous self control. But I have to admit defeat. In the end, so to speak, they're just assh***s.

So I was ready when my pal CJ sent me this anti-Bush video.

It skewers George W. Bush and all the usual suspects. Calls them assh***s over and over. As vulgar as the repetitive expletive may seem, the validity of the message is even more obscene.

The video presents that message well, though many of the pictures are blurred. But that's fitting too. The Bush administration has blurred all the lines between Right and Wrong. Decent and Indecent. Truth and Lies.

There will be those who say, Respect the office if not the Man. Sorry, but that ship sailed the first time the Man deliberately lied to the country. And it's sinking slowly but surely as he continues to show unconscionable disrespect for the office he holds and the people he governs.

Nearly two thirds of the country agree. Yet George W. Bush still portrays himself as a decisive leader and a Good Christian. God talks to him.

What does God say exactly, one wonders. You can lie if it furthers your personal agenda? Foist your own twisted morals on the country no matter how inappropriate or destructive? Abandon the most helpless among us if it's politically expedient? Worship the most venal among us if it bolsters your power? Dishonor your oath to uphold the Constitution if it gets in your way?

Apparently so.

Who is this God who offers such appallingly bad advice? A Republican, of course.

Democrats have no God, according to the Religious Right. And if we did, he would tell us to commit heinous anti-Republican crimes:

End the war in Iraq. Foreswear another war with Iran. Outlaw government sanctioned torture. Stop spying on fellow citizens. Bring real aid to Katrina victims. Support an end to genocide in Darfur. Get out from under the thumb of Corporate America -- especially Big Oil and Major Pharmaceuticals. Reduce the deficit. Tax the very rich and bolster the very poor. Start a real fix for Social Security. Stay the hell out of people's private lives, bodies and souls.

Why do Right Wing Republicans find these ideas so hellish? Because there's no money in it for them. No vainglory. No smarmy self-satisfaction. No feeling of ultimate superiority. No. Personal. Gain.

And, of course, because they're just assh***s.



Blogger Cynthia Johnston said...

I can't believe you used the word "skewered" because that was the exact word I was thinking of using when I got around to blogging about the A**hole song. I loved your post. It's like Dylan said to Hendrix when he heard Hendrix play "Watchtower."

"That's what I meant."

Your admiring pal CJ

12:07 PM  

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