Thursday, August 30, 2007

New Online Shorthand

"Each generation wants new symbols, new people, new names. They want to divorce themselves from their predecessors." Jim Morrison

OMG, LOL is so hopelessly old hat. Ditto AFK, AYT?, BRB, etc. New York Times tech guru David Pogue has enlisted his Now Generation summer interns and assistant to help him create an updated list of online shorthand with a more youthful twist.

Mr. Pogue seems a little confused about the origins of cap letters shorthand, noting that it comes from cell phone users. He needs a reminder that much of the original cap shorthand came from teletype operators and the military. SOS, SSDD, SNAFU, SOL to name a few.

The absorption of online shorthand into popular culture came from AOL. I know. I was there. We made up some of it ourselves. We taught it to chatroom hosts so they could teach it to AOL members. Then of course it took on a life of its own.

Pogue's list is below. There's a hole in it--one of the first things I learned at AOL--that I'm surprised Pogue of all people left out. It's been around a long time in tech circles.

It's offered as advice for those who don't understand how to hook up, assemble, use or fix a computer, printer, router, camera, iphone -- any 20th and 21st century gadget.

Techies always advise you to RTFM -- read the __ manual.

Here's what Pogue's group adds to online lingo:

* GI -- Google it

* MOP -- Mac or PC?

* FCAO -- five conversations at once

* IIOYT -- is it on YouTube?

* DYFH -- did you Facebook him/her?

* BIOI -- buy it on iTunes

* CMOS -- call me on Skype

* GGNUDP -- gotta go, no unlimited data plan

* WLF -- with the lady friend

* JUOC -- jacked up on caffeine

* 12OF -- twelve-o'clock flasher (refers to someone less than competent with technology, to the extent that every appliance in the house flashes "12:00")

* SML -- send me the link

* RHB -- read his/her blog

* MBLO -- much better-looking online

* KYST -- knew you'd say that

* NBL -- no battery left

* CTTC -- can't talk, teacher's coming

* TWD -- typing while driving

* CMT (CMF, CMM, CMB) -- check my Twitter (Facebook, Myspace, blog)

* CYE (CYF, CYM, CYB)--check your email (Facebook, Myspace, blog)
Not bad at all, I'd just add these:
* AYAP -- are you a perv?

* GGTC -- gotta go, teacher's coming

* LHU -- let's hook up (new age equivalent of WYS -- what's your sign?)

* IYD (another oldie but goodie) -- in your dreams
Pogue also came up with a more mature version for parents of the new online generation:

* WIWYA -- when I was your age

* YKT – you kids today

* CRRE -- conversation required; remove earbuds

* WDO? -- what are you doing online?

* NIWYM -- no idea what you mean

* NCK -- not a chance, kid

* B2W -- back to work

* AYD? -- are you drunk?

* LODH -- log off, do homework

* DYMK? -- does your mother know?

* IGAT -- I've got abbreviations, too
IMHO (In My Humble Opinion, one of my all time faves), he's done a great job. But he left a few out.
* DISM -- do I smell pot?

* WAMK -- where are my keys?

* HSGL -- house stinks, gather laundry

* MYOD -- make your own dinner

* KIUAYLYC/C/I -- keep it up and you'll lose your computer/cell phone/iPod
I'd just like to add a personal message to David Pogue: WTG on a great list. It's clear GMTA. TTFN, TTYL. ;)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sally, what are those last three?

4:01 PM  
Blogger Sally Swift said...

GMTA -- great minds think alike

TTFN -- ta ta for now

TTYL -- talk to you later

5:33 PM  

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