Friday, August 03, 2007

A Blogger at 35W Bridge Collapse

Noah Kunin

"I live the closest to the 35W Bridge than anyone in Minneapolis and I watched it come down from my roof.

I spent 20mins getting people out and off the bridge.

I’m being evacuated.

PS This was not a bomb." Noah Kunin

My nephew, his wife, their two children and most of her family live, work and commute in Minneapolis. You can imagine our concern when news of the bridge collapse first hit. They're all okay, thank god. But they --and their city-- will take a long time to recover.

Noah Kunin is one of their friends. His apartment is in a converted warehouse adjacent to 35W. He saw the bridge collapse, ran to help survivors. A photographer, he also took his camera.

With the help of friends, Noah's been updating his blog with an ongoing first person account of events, sights, sounds, reactions. And amazing pictures.

We've all been watching the bridge tragedy on TV, but this personal, in-the-moment report is far different:

35W just came down right in front of my house

I’m at the Humphrey School waiting for a ride. We couldn't take a car our any of our belongings. One cat was taken, one was left behind.

I’m shocked, but no longer shaking. Still sweaty from sprinting to river side to help rescue people. Didn’t see any dead or hurt on the West side of non existent bridge. Helped people off girders. My cell phone isn’t working like many of yours, so email me at if you need to. I have pictures, will upload later. Confirmed all of my friends (except one) who commute are safe.

Description of collapse: Surprisingly quiet, but my entire warehouse apt shook quite a bit. Bridge fell so very slowly - poof. Yelled and yelled but no one answered. Only a handful of ppl in water, all got out ok and then began to help as well. Ran into woman who thought school bus was trapped on east side in fold of highway. Couldn’t confirm it or get to the other bank to help.

more later…hope everyone is safe…

UPDATE 1:36AM: This is Noah and I’m back from my apt. We had to walk in, since it is now in what is called the “Danger Zone”. Fairly sure I’m the only resident in the Zone. We got the cat we left behind and packed small bags.

Please, call 612-460-3700 for the Red Cross if you can help. The MN Red Cross office is directly across from my apt. - I can still see their sign underneath 35W.I’m nominally homeless - crashing at friends. Will try and return home in the morning.

Deep thanks to Britt, Aaron and everyone else who rushed with me to help get people off 35W bridge.

Thank you, Noah. We're glad you're safe.

You can see all of Noah's pictures, many taken before police and rescue arrived, here. And continue to read his updates here.

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