Tuesday, December 12, 2006

T.O. 's The One

Terrell Owens Official Website

"He's given us 25 million reasons to blog." -- NFL FanHouse (courtesy of Blinq)

As I head out the door to catch a plane, I just want to say thanks to Dan Rubin for introducing me to the thirty-six smart alec sports bloggers who named T.O. the year's Top Sports Figure.

I'm not a sports blogger but as a born and raised 'Fluffian I share the right--nay, the responsibility--to have the strongest sports opinions on the planet.

I've said this Phila Eagles - T.O. Win or not T.O. Win? and this PO'd About T.O. and a few other things too, some unprintable. But just to be clear, I belong to the Who Cares What He Says As Long As He Delivers club.

Jeff Garcia might be McNabb's back-up, but he's our team's leader now. And he's been a bona fide big time QB whose onetime favorite target was ... oh yeah ... T.O. The upcoming Eagles-Dallas game should really be something to see.

By the way, before you stone my house, I'll be rooting for the Eagles. I'll also be enjoying what is certain to be not only a showdown, but also a show.



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