Friday, January 27, 2006

Vote for Dry Bones

We all have favorite Bloggers. My Blogroll needs work, but a few of the best are listed down there on the right under the heading BLOGS ETCETERA. Some are friends, some strangers, all have something special to offer.

If you've never heard of Dry Bones, it's time you did.

Yaakov Kirschen, "Bones" to his friends, has been a political cartoonist for Israel's English language newspaper, the Jerusalem Post for over 30 years. His commentary is smart, insightful, clever, penetrating, acerbic, funny and all too true.

I met Bones in the 70s through mutual friends when I lived in Israel. He's a Jewish boy from Brooklyn turned ex-pat turned cartoonist. He's also a pussycat. But you'd never know it from his biting cartoons.

Dry Bones is something of a legend in Israel for his unique take on the Middle East. And he recently started a blog to bring his wit and wisdom--and the stories behind the cartoons--to the rest of the world.

The Dry Bones Blog is now a finalist in four categories in the paper's Best Jewish and Israeli Blog Competition. Here they are. I urge you to read the Dry Bones Blog and then vote early and often.
Best Humor blog

Best New blog

Best Political blog

Best Overall blog
You don't have to be Jewish to appreciate Dry Bones. You just need a brain in your head.

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