Saturday, July 21, 2007

Bush and the Five Polyps

"Colon cancer screening is probably one of the most underused ways to save one's life from cancer that exists." Michael Thun

"A serious abuse of power or a serious abuse of official duties." John Conyers

I don't want to hear any George W. Bush colonoscopy jokes. For a number of reasons.

Regardless of my disaffection for his ideologies and current job, to Tony Snow colon cancer isn't funny. If nothing else, I respect his courageous battle with the disease.

It's also not amusing to the thousands--if not millions--of colon cancer survivors not even remotely connected to the White House. Nor to the families of those who've succumbed to colon cancer.

It's in our family. We all get regular colonoscopies and hope for the best.

Two close friends died of the disease.

For 3 hours Dick Cheney was publicly recognized as the Acting President of the United States. Which is the only time in this administration's history that it was 100% honest with the American people.

Okay, I will make one small comment in a lighter vein. The picture of Cheney above -- he rather looks like a polyp. Which couldn't be more appropriate.

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