Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Philadelphia Freedom

"A safe Independence Day] would be a good psychological boost, but we need some fundamental news as well." Charles Payne

Here I am in US Birthplace ground zero, a resident of the city of Brotherly Love where America began and all I can think is ... well, nothing.

Rain is falling here. The 4th is on a Wednesday, so no big weekend-long celebration.

It's hard to get worked up about independence--especially in historical context--when so many of our treasured freedoms are being trampled by our modern leaders.

I refuse to discuss that today. Am heading back to bed to watch the Law and Order Marathon -- something as American as apple pie.

Then, rain or no rain, we'll barbecue some burgers and call it a day.

Not the 4th of July celebration dreams are made of ... but at least an all-American day in the first all-American city. Where, if I'm lucky, no one I love will be killed.

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