Monday, June 25, 2007

Hillary Soprano

"We've had some fun with our campaign song, but the truth is the stakes couldn't be higher in this election."

The stakes are incredibly high in the upcoming election. We need a leader who's not only strong, decisive, intelligent and committed but is also in touch with reality ... with the needs, hopes, lives of actual, real people.

George W. Bush, our pro-life, anti-stem cell research, God-fearing, war-mongering disaster of a president has zero sense of humanity. He's never struggled with life or his conscience. People suffer and die by the thousands under Dubya's watch and he goes through the motions ... but doesn't have a human clue.

No matter what else, nobody can say Bill and Hillary Clinton don't have the human touch. Haven't felt our pain, lived personal lives similar to many of us. Which is especially why I applaud the Hillary Clinton campaign's send up of the Soprano's season finale.

In a clever--and telling--nod to popular culture, Hill and Bill played Tony and Carm (in that order, Maureen), mirroring the Soprano's last meal with a few Clintonesque twists.

Good for the campaign that Johnny Sack showed up to play himself. The way he looked at the Clintons tells me he must be a Republican ... and somebody got him out of the slammer.

Good for Hillary that she's not afraid to poke a little fun at herself... or Bill.

Good for Bill that he's not afraid to show us his feminine side, passively eating carrots at Hillary's command.

A message there, in case anybody missed it. Hillary's in charge now. Bill's minding his P's and Q's. There's extra irony when she agrees to "remember the good times," but that's also clear acknowledgement of Lessons Learned.

Maureen Dowd referenced an LA Times quote from a Boomer Democrat who said, "Who wants four or eight more years of the Clintons’ marital disputes, paid for by the United States, we the people? I certainly don't."

Hey, Lady, would you rather spend those years continuing to pay in lives and dollars for another iteration of George W. Bush?

What a lame reason to reject Hillary Clinton's candidacy. Especially without taking a close look at where she stands on the issues.

The War in Iraq packs a much bigger wallop than any marital skirmishes in Chappaquah.

Social Security is far more important than Bill's socializing.

Universal Health Care merits more attention than the former president's sexual history -- though let's face it, after bypass surgery he certainly appears lean and clean.

Economic growth, a balanced budget and more jobs have a far higher priority than the Clinton's personal income or what Bill's 'job' would be.

Back to the Voter's Choice Clinton campaign song by Celine Dion... eh. I don't like Dion, her music or her Vegas shtick. But that's just me.

Vegas is the Mecca of Middle America. Those are the voters George Bush has drop kicked repeatedly the past eight years. And those are the voters Hillary needs.

If you think about it, the immoral, selfish, cruel, lying, thieving, murdering thugs on the Sopranos shouldn't be played by Hill and Bill. Those roles already belong to George, Dick, Alberto and the rest of the Dubya Crime Family.

No matter who wins the next election, I can't wait to see the Bush Administration go to black.

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