Wednesday, November 15, 2006

House of Murtha - Not Funny

"I belong to no organized party. I am a Democrat." Will Smith

In case anyone's forgotten what happens when Democrats control Congress, our newly powerful Blue Staters are giving us a crash course in Democratic Party bumper car politics.

They haven't taken over yet and already the infighting's begun. Nancy Pelosi's endorsement of John Murtha for Majority Whip, the second most powerful House position, has Dems banging into each other with typical out-of-control force.

I'm betting George and the Bushettes are laughing. But to those of us hoping for inspired change from the 2006 election, it's not funny. In fact, it's humiliating.

Why can't our party present a solid front? And why hasn't the most powerful woman in Congressional history gotten her act together to unite that front instead of dividing it by creating the first skirmish?

Pundits claim Murtha's courageous stand against the war in Iraq is the basis of Pelosi's choice. Her response to the country's anti-war sentiments as demonstrated by the nationwide crushing of Bush Republicans. But, oh by the way, behind the scenes she owes Murtha plenty and it's payback time.

Pelosi should have found another way to give Murtha his due. Making him her Number Two shows how badly she's underestimating the meat of the Republican defeat. Not to mention undermining her own power as Speaker of the House.

The Democrat's victory wasn't merely a referendum against the war. It was a clarion call to bring honor and decency back to government. To clear the stench of corruption from the halls of Congress and send a message it will no longer be tolerated there or in the White House.

The people's dictate in this election was clear: get rid of the evil-doers, remove pocket-lining cronyism from the political equation. Hold government responsible for the benefit of We the People instead of fat cat politicians and lobbyists.

If John Murtha becomes "Vice Speaker" of the House, that mandate will be history. Neither Murtha's record as a war hero, nor his stance against the war in Iraq nor the kiss of power from Speaker Pelosi can turn this frog into a prince.

It was a proud day in PA when Murtha took on the president and the warmongers in Congress. But we know better than most that Murtha's not a one-issue guy. Definitely not a saint. Or a "new" kind of Democrat. He's an old fashioned pol who piles on the pork and knows all the pigsties wherein the bodies are buried.

Murtha's service goes back to the 70's, but so do questions about his ethics. If you have any doubts about Murtha's murky background, check out this web site circulated by email to prominent House democrats:

So I have to ask, what is Pelosi thinking? Already facing a PR firestorm about her ability to wield genuine power and influence, does she really want to create an image of the entrenched conservative powermonger Murtha acting as her personal Dick Cheney?

It's going to make people think she doesn't know jack.



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