Monday, October 30, 2006

Bye Eagles Bye

Jerry Lodriguss, Inquirer

"We didn't start fast and we didn't finish strong. As a team, it was embarrassing." Donovan McNabb

It's more than embarrassing. It's downright depressing. There's blame to spare. This is supposed to be a winning team. So why can't the Eagles take what's on paper and put it on the field?

I am still waiting for an answer to my ongoing question: What about the money? This is a super-rich franchise. And the fans pay through the nose. For tickets, for merchandise, for food, drink and parking at games. For LOYALTY.

What do we get in return? A QB who chokes or pukes or both. A coach who won't learn from--let alone correct--his own mistakes. Loss after loss. Excuse after excuse. And swaying ramps.

Why aren't more people pissed off at Donovan McNabb? Yes, he has bursts of brilliance, but that's why he gets the big bucks. He's supposed to be a star. So why is he let off the hook when the team tanks? He's supposed to be the leader. So why isn't he taken to task when he's not doing his job?

One thing about T.O., he pointed fingers, called Donovan and others out and told the truth. Maybe it hurt their feelings. Boo hoo. They can cry all the way to the bank. But it sure stirred them up. And got us to the Super Bowl. Where the choking and puking and mismanagement cost us the crown.

Imagine what T.O.'s saying now. Without him, who will the Eagles find to blame, to stir them up? T.O. was a loud mouth pain in the butt, but he showed up to win. And with him, we kept winning.

Something the Eagles can't seem to do unless he's around--no matter on which team--to remind them to play to win.

Lurie. Reid. McNabb. I have a message for you: Bye Egos Bye.

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