Monday, September 24, 2007

George Clooney Used His Head

"Most...are not educated on helmets. It's the most important piece of equipment you can wear when you're out on a motorcycle." John Costa

George Clooney is my definition of a nice guy. He's hard working, smart, involved in libral politics. He's a good actor and director, seems to be at ease with himself and his audience. He usually keeps a low profile and makes the right choices.

Except. Well. George Clooney is 46. Sarah Larson is 28.

In the role model category: She's too young for him. He's too old for motorcycles.

The details are still under investigation--or wraps--but it appears he was in the wrong trying to pass a car on the right while toting Larson around on his Harley. They were both thrown from the bike.

She's got a black eye and a broken foot. He's got road rash and a broken rib.

None of that matters. They're alive.

Because THEY WERE WEARING HELMETS. Unlike far too many Motorcycle Morons.

For that, I love him as a role model. Big time.

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