Monday, September 10, 2007

iPhone Owners Hang Up

"It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity." Albert Einstein

You wanted the iPhone, you got it. And paid fair market value for it. What, you thought the price would never go down? On which planet have you been living?

Mass production finally caught up with demand and Apple lowered the price. So now you want a refund? Get. Real.

Technology, especially in the 21st century is constantly evolving. Each iteration of a new tech toy gets better. And cheaper.

Frankly, anybody savvy enough to understand the simple beauty of the iPhone should have known its first release would be more expensive and less reliable. If you want to be Cutting Edge, you should expect to pay top dollar and put up with small glitches.

In fact, raise your hand if you bought Windows Vista the minute it came out. Oh wait, you can't raise your hand because you're still on the phone with Microsoft tech support waiting for 34 patches.

I won't get Vista until at least the third version. I'm not a geek but I'm not alone. I'm in the Smart Group.

I won't get an iPhone yet either, no matter how much I hunger for one. I'll wait until it's unlocked -- which means open to all networks, here and abroad. It'll happen. Apple's not stupid or cash poor enough to have struck a long term exclusive deal with AT&T.

My Verizon cell phone and my 2-year old Video iPod are still sufficient for my needs. The iPod's battery doesn't live up to it's hype, but I can charge it without too much inconvenience. And I can't imagine life without it.

But I'm not getting the new iPod Touch either, as much as I long for Apple's brilliant new interface. Even sideways, the screen's too small for my Boomer eyes to enjoy full length movies. Anyway, I want the whole deal, including the phone.

I can wait. How'd I learn such patience? From the Apple of the Internet.

I joined AOL at Version 1.5 ... no Buddy List, rudimentary IM's, no music. Certainly no streaming anything. Just modest graphics, basic chat and email. And for high hourly fees. But the easy, intuitive, user-friendly software was worth it.

We had better graphic capabilities and .wav files when I stated working there as Version 2.0 was launched. Accessed by the newly blistering speed of a 14.4 modem.

Boy, was I popular once I had the ability to give my friends--many of whom were paying more than $400 a month--a few precious free hours online.

Think about that. And stop whining about your precious iPhone. Anybody who can afford $400 for a new gadget can afford $600.

If you have any conscience at all, you'll give that unnecessary Apple rebate to someone who can't.

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Blogger David Goldenberg said...

You took the words right out of my mouth.

I just wish they had this stuff 30 years ago when I was an outside doing outside sales on the road!

10:26 PM  

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