Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Bush's New Snowman

"Politics will eventually be replaced by imagery. The politician will be only too happy to abdicate in favor of his image, because the image will be much more powerful than he could ever be." Marshall McLuhan

Gotta love the latest twist in the Bush administration Reality Show. "White House Survivor," starring George W. Bush and a cast of schemers, fanatics, fundamentalists and toadies hires a new host. Outcast Scott McClellan is history. Tony Snow is stepping up to the mic with a fresh perspective for our viewing pleasure.

Wait. Tony Snow. From Fox TV? Offering "journalistic and media credibility" to the professional White House press corps? Give me a break.

On the other hand ... who better to craft and disseminate the Bush White House message than a master purveyor of right wing infotainment? Pundits tongues are wagging because Snow's been ragging on the president and his policies.

Don't they get it? That's exactly why Snow's the perfect man for the job. The administration has so little respect for the public's ability to reason, they clearly think we'll believe a real shake-up's taken place. Yeah right.

Although you have to wonder if Snow's buying that fantasy too. Seems he's been negotiating for "full access" to Dubya. As if. Even if he gets that access, it would be a pyrrhic victory at best. Nobody, from Card to Rove to McClellan to Cheney has been able to sway this president from his self-deluded, self-serving, self-destructive course.

Ah, but if they can't move him, then new White House chief of staff Josh Bolten's got the right idea. Bring in a showman with excellent spin creds. And let's not forget Tony Snow worked as a director of speech writing for George Bush, Senior. He's part of the family, so to speak. That'll make it easier for his new boss to trust him. Well, as much as Dubya trusts anybody.

Snow's credentials before Fox are, um, interesting. USA Today columnist, editorial page editor of the Washington Times, deputy editorial page editor of The Detroit News and regular substitute host for Rush Limbaugh. The guy's not an impartial journalist, he's a standard bearer. Any farther Right and he'd tip over.

All the flap about Democrats playing into the administration's new "no more Yes men" scenario by screeching about Snow's anti-Bush comments is just hooey. The instant Snow signs on the dotted line, his Bush-tweaking days are history. And the first time he walks into the White House to assume his new post, the puppet strings will attach automatically.

What the Dems should be doing is staying the course and fighting the real fight. Continuing to get the word out on Bush's disastrous foreign and domestic policies. Gearing up for battle on gas prices, immigration, the war in Iraq, potential engagement in Iran and the plethora of other crises this president has brought down on America.

Because with its new media hire, the White House strategy is for once crystal clear. Snow the American public but good.

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