Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Blinq in Ink

"Daniel Rubin, who previously authored our popular blogosphere column Blinq, is now turning his attention to local people, places and issues." Philadelphia Inquirer

Blinq's Dan Rubin is now a big time columnist for the Inquirer. In our blogging world he already was, but today it became official in the hands-on newspaper.

His first column off the block is strong. Moving. Intimate. More than a little chilling. And thanks to Dan's signature personal writing style, you're right there in that wounded Philly teacher's hospital room, shaking your head in horror, pulling for him to survive and heal.

Don't know how bloggers will survive without Dan online, but maybe we'll get the best of both. Dan has given us a heads up on his new column on Blinq: The Experiment Begins.

Bravo, Dan! Let the experiment continue.

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