Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Live8 and Let Live8

"If all of us acted in unison there would be no wars and no poverty." Anais Nin

Everybody's talking about Live8 coming to Philadelphia, along with about a million people. The city's abuzz with excitement. Personally I'm thrilled Philly's one of the Live8 venues, we're more than deserving, we've EARNED it.

We're Philadelphia Freedom. South Street. Tower Theater. Larry Magid. Gamble and Huff. Will Smith. Tim McGraw. We rock. We roll. We rap. We hip. We hop. We da town, babbee! Although I have to admit that except for Dave Matthews, Stevie Wonder and Sarah McLachlan, I don't own any of the other performers' music. Sue me, I'm a Motown and Rock Boomer. And I'd kill to have Bruce join us. Plus any of the old LiveAid rockers like Billy Joel (if he's not driving), David Bowie, Santana, Paul Simon. But I'll take what we can get without complaint.

And okay, so we don't have the greatest rep when it comes to sports teams (we're Always a Bridesmaid--a la the "Iggles"--if we get there at all). But give us a chance to welcome the world and you won't see any Runaway Brides.

Of course there are plenty of spoilsports who've been whining about congested traffic, overflowing restaurants and even more overflowing restroom facilities. For those with overactive imaginations and bladders, the city will be providing 440 port-a-johns. I have to say if it's a hot day, I wouldn't want to spend too much time in--or near--one, but if you gotta go, please remember, our flower pots are not potties.

And be grateful you don't live in a country with little, if any, indoor plumbing. Or food. Or schools. Or roads. Or health care. Or quality of life. So get over your dumbass selves, it's one freakin day. Which will raise a lot of money for poverty relief. And not incidentally, some welcome bucks for our own city's coffers.

Even with all the hype and tripe, the contacts and contracts, the idiots and egos -- the cause is righteous, man.

So if you can't get down, get outta town.

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