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Guns Kill People - Congress Protects the NRA

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence

"And the National Rifle Association says, "Guns don't kill people, people do,” but I think the gun helps. I think just standing there going, "Bang!" isn't going to kill too many people, is it?" Eddie Izzard

Almost hidden amidst all the brouhaha over Rove, Roberts and Plame is a far more dangerous threat, not only to our rights, but to our very lives.

It's a little thing called the Gun Immunity Bill, sponsored by Idaho Senator Larry Craig and supported by none other than the NRA's Best Friend, Senator Bill Frist. It protects such upright citizens as the makers and distributors of illegal Saturday Night Specials and other Weapons of Individual Destruction.

Senate Bill S.397 (aka the "shield bill"), seeks to stop municipalities and victims of gun violence from seeking legal remedies against gun manufacturers and sellers over illegal or unethical distribution of weapons -- and would torpedo dozens of existing nationwide lawsuits against them as well.

Frist made it such a top priority that a test vote of the bill steamrolled (66-32) over the $491 billion defense bill, putting off any action on it until the fall. I'm no fan of defense spending, but that defense bill contains provisions to provide better supplies and protection for our soldiers in Iraq.

Apparently not a priority to the Right Wingnuts in Congress. Frist and Company would rather support the NRA's right to sell arms without penalty than assure our military men and women a shot at improved safety from those wielded by the enemy. I gotta tell you, at this point I'd like to pick up a gun myself and mete out some frontier justice to all the bozos in Congress who've been so neatly corralled by the gun lobby.

So let's get this straight: if your child is killed by an illegal and/or faulty gun, its manufacturer is safe from accountability. But if your Ford Explorer rolls over, you're in luck, you can sue. How much more skewed can our priorities get?

Here's a hint: take a guess how many gun regulation bills are out there right now, just hanging in limbo. More than fifty. 50! Five-oh. It's staggering. Unbelievable. Deadly. While we're dithering over ValerieGate, RoveOver and RobertsMania, over fifty bills introduced in 2005 to regulate the sale and manufacture of lethal weapons are stalled in committees.

Yet what did Congress manage to find time to pass this year? A bill rescinding the ban on assault weapons. For all those Good Old Boys who need an AK-47 to kill Bambi. Or their noisy neighbors. And now they're locking and loading on passage of the Gun Immunity Bill ASAP -- to protect gun dealers from any legal consequences of their actions.

Here's a short list, read it and weep:
H.R. 1931: To amend chapter 44 of title 18, United States Code, to extend the firearm and ammunition prohibitions applicable to convicted felons to those convicted in a foreign court. (Introduced; May 22, 2005) (also S. 954)

H.R. 1415: To improve the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, and for other purposes. (Introduced; May 9, 2005)

H.R. 1423: To ban the manufacture, sale, delivery, and transfer of handguns that cannot be personalized, and to provide for a report to the Congress on the commercial feasibility of personalizing firearms. (Introduced; May 9, 2005) (also S. 683)

H.R. 1168: To ensure that the national instant criminal background check system provides the Federal Bureau of Investigation with information on approved firearms transfers to persons named in the Violent Gang and Terrorist Organization File. (Introduced; May 9, 2005)

H.R. 1136:: To protect the Nation's law enforcement officers by banning the Five-seveN Pistol and 5.7 x 28mm SS190 and SS192 cartridges, testing handguns and ammunition for capability to penetrate body armor, and prohibiting the manufacture, importation, sale, or purchase of such handguns or ammunition by civilians. (Introduced; May 9, 2005)

H.R. 654:: To ban the transfer of 50 caliber sniper weapons, and otherwise regulate the weapons in the same manner as machine guns are regulated. (Introduced; Mar 2, 2005)

S. 935: A bill to regulate .50 caliber sniper weapons designed for the taking of human life and the destruction of materiel, including armored vehicles and components of the Nation's critical infrastructure. (Introduced; Apr 27, 2005)

H.R. 165: To improve the safety of firearms. (Introduced; Mar 2, 2005)

H.R. 246:: To prevent children's access to firearms. (Introduced; Mar 2, 2005)
Look at those last two alone. Improve the safety of firearms. Prevent children's access to firearms. Let's ask Senator Frist, the Good Christian, why protecting NRA gun dealers comes before safeguarding our children.

The bottom line: Guns don't kill people. Lobbyists with checkbooks kill people.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

you have your right to your opinion on the gun control as a veteran of the united states army i helped preserve that right for you as did millions of others. first and formost your so called saturday night special pistols could be construed as any pistol,second why is it that every time something happens by a few individuals then all who own firearms legally and responsibly you automatically want to try to take all of the guns away? where would we be now in todays society if george washington had not had access to guns? would we all be out waving at queen mum today?? do you believe it is the police's responsibility to protect you? you are wrong if you believe that,they protect the "public" not the individual, so if you walk in and someone is robbing your home and they have a knife or other weapon and you have nothing,are you going to ask nicely for them to leave or call 911 and ask them to please not hurt your family and wait for the police to arrive? and oh by the way their is a riot down the street from you during all of this,which 1 takes priority you or the riot?? be it a .22 caliber or a .50 caliber either one will kill a human being i know this for a fact being a combat veteran. you can dislike guns that is your right so use it dont have a gun and exercise your right to decide. but dont try to decide on law biding individuals behalf to decide if they want or need one,there are enough gun laws on the books now that would take care of all gun crimes committed so why try and add more that just punishes people who enjoy guns as a sport or self defense,criminals will always have guns,so that leaves a society defenseless to predators. the civilian market for .50 caliber rifles is legal and unless you have someone properly trained on how to shoot one they are not going to bring a plane down,you make it sound like we are all armed with .50 caliber browning machine guns their is a big difference,so if you and others spread propaganda which is what you are doing,i dont see any of your research on how many planes have been shot down here in the united states but i would bet you wont find 1 single incident of it happening, but your scenario is a "terrorist" is being sold these weapons, so an unarmed society is what you want is what im gathering from your writing,so my suggestion is if your idea were to happen then being part of a unarmed society do we sit back and watch the "terrorists" do their work and hope that someone hurries up and mildly put "takes him out" or do we stay armed and "take him out on the spot" before he takes innocent lives while we watch?? why is it that you people that are college educated believe you are so much smarter than the average american?? have you been sheltered all your life and not understand that there are people out here that deal with life and death every day? thats the real world,its the world we live in,yet you believe get rid of the guns and all will be fine and dandy, "kinda like living in mayberry mentality" you are so smart to believe that "utopia" really exists? its sad that this wont be published or shown, you only want a story to tell and thats exactly what it is a story based on hear say and not the facts,was 9/11 not a wake up call? do you honestly believe al-qaeda is not already here in the united states? time that people wake up 9/11 is just the beginning,yet if one legally carrying firearm permit holder stops a suicide bomber or other terrorist and saves countless lives then wouldnt that be a blessing or should we just hurry up and dial 911 on our blackberry or cell phone and throw it at the terrorist and hope its like a david and goliath scenario and hits him in the head just right and stops that 15 pounds of explosives of nuts and bolts and nails? get real for a change and quit hiding behind some make believe .50 caliber scare, it dont fly with everyone all it does is scare the hell out of people that have no idea about guns and society as a whole.

1:33 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

You are aware that under the bill you reference that people can still sue for a factory defect or faulty design.

What this bill does is protect a gun manufacturer from lawsuits filed by people who were murdered. It is not the guns' fault they died. The entirity of the blame rest with person who pulled the trigger.

6:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


After reading your article it clear to me that the proponents of strick gun control seem to fall into the following one (or more) of the categories:

1). The gullible
2). The traumatized
3). The cowardly
4). Tyrants

11:30 PM  
Blogger Sally Swift said...

Are you in the 3rd category that you don't use your name?

10:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If guns kill people, then....

1.) Pencils miss spell words
2.) Cars make people drive drunk
3.) Spoons make Rosie O'Donnell fat

8:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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9:15 PM  

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