Tuesday, May 03, 2005

From the Mouths of Babes: Enough Already!

"We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today." Stacia Tauscher

There's a column in the local paper called Kid's Talk. A question is posed and kids send in answers. The answers are funny and touching, and yes, sometimes just dumb kidstuff.

But there are times they hit the nail on the head so hard it resonates straight through you. They speak brutal truths with innocent sincerity -- providing a sometimes chilling look at society. The column is aimed at getting kids more involved with newspapers. Clearly, they're already tuned in to the sad state of our world.

Here are some recent questions and answers. Look closely at these kids' ages -- they're children, and should be thinking about childish things. Yet some of them are far too tragically aware of the real world.

If only the adults with real power to answer these questions were half as outspoken and honest.

What words would you like to hear, and why?

The words I would like to hear are "Soldiers are coming home" because the war is over. - Jacob, grade 5

"You did a good job. Keep up the great work. I am proud of you." I like to hear these words because they make me feel good.- Gianna, grade 4

"You are no longer a diabetic." - Stephen, grade 7

I would love to hear the words, "Go away, Barbies," because I hate Barbies. - Zoe, grade 3 (You GO, Girl! -SS)

That somebody loves me. It fills my heart with joy. - Chelsie, grade 7

What would make the world happier?

If there was a machine that could stop tsunamis. - Jessica

If there were no more taxes... or terrorists. - Michael, grade 5

Every store would make things cheaper so kids can get what they want without begging. - Regina, grade 4

If no one had guns. - Demetrius, grade 1

If people gave more respect to everyone in God's creation. Girls and women would also be included. - Cheyanne, grade 3 (I bet she doesn't like Barbies either!. SS)

If we all pitched in to donate money to poor, hurt and homeless people. - Mike, grade 3

Clean the whole world so it will never get dirty. - Daneysha, grade 1

If people stopped fighting over unimportant things. - Donnell, grade 5

If everyone had a family and a teacher. - Amanda, grade 1

What makes you say, "Enough, already".

Fingerprint scans. OK, they sound cool, but metal detectors and ID checks are enough security. - Alejandro, grade 4

My dad going to school at night, because I don't get to see him much. - Attilio, grade 3

Fights, because someone always gets hurt. - Gregory, grade 2

I have had enough of television talk shows that discuss violence and death. - Ashley, grade 5

Kids picking on other kids including me. - Amanda, grade 5

Murders.- Charae, grade 3

Enough said. - Sally Swift

Kids Talk -- Philly.com

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