Thursday, August 23, 2007


"I think that there is a quasi-religious theory of human nature that is prevalent among pundits and intellectuals, which includes both empirical assumptions about how the mind works and a set of values that people hang on those assumptions." Steven Pinker

Okay. Well. I searched for a quote about Pundits. Everybody who understand this one, raise your hands.

Right. Thought so.

You won't have that problem with alt.campaign, the new McClatchy venture aggregating the best and the brightest grassroots pundits to provide alternate views and commentary on the upcoming presidential election.

Especially because there you can read the talented Amy Z. Quinn, aka Citizen Mom, now also known as Confetti Betty, alt.campaign's Politics and Pop Culture pundit.

She's bright, witty, knowledgeable, experienced, articulate and just so doggone cute you wanna buy her an ice cream sundae. (I owe you and Jack one, AZQ.)

She's got a lot of--as she says--fondue forks in the pot and still manages to come through big time in her first alt.campaign column.
That's because her middle name is Zip. Or maybe Zing. Perhaps Zowie. Ah, of course ... piZZaZZ.

This whole alt.campaign thing looks veeeerrry interesting.

Amy Z. Quinn is the alt.cherry on the sundae for sure.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

She's funny. Who is she really?

10:49 PM  
Blogger Sally Swift said...

She's exactly who she appears to be ... an alt.writer from Venus on special assignment to ferret out presidential campaign secrets.

10:56 PM  

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