Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Vote for Our Lives

"In times of stress and strain, people will vote." Barry Shein

What are you doing here when you should be voting? Okay, WAIT! Before you leave for the polls let's get our priorities straight.

How will you chose among the candidates? If you believe their ads, they're all scumbags. Truth is, some are, some aren't.

The candidates on the Republican ticket, however, have been supporting the worst president since Richard Nixon, if not in history. An even bigger criminal. Not to mention an administration as evil as it is incompetent. Crooks, liars, panderers, warmongers.

Think about it. Katrina. Stem cell research. Afghanistan. Guns. Iran. Haliburton. 9/11 Commission. Iraq. Whatever George W. Bush and the Republicans in Congress touch turns to destruction and death.

We desperately need a change in direction. The body count is already far, far too high.

Our government was formed on a system of checks and balances. Under the Bush administration that idea devolved into whoever writes the checks determines the balance of power.

The power is in our hands today. We can't change the White House, but we can restore some of the checks and balances in our government ... and our lives. Some of the decency. Competence. Fairness. Integrity. And yes, patriotism.

We can open the doors and let some fresh air into the halls of Congress. The stench of corruption, the smell of blood on the Republicans' hands can't be covered up by even the most expensive lobbyist's cologne. We have to vote them out of the building.

Today's election is a critical turning point. It's our chance to see some real progress in health care, the economy, energy independence, education, social security, national security, the War in Iraq.

This is not the time to cherry-pick candidates. It's a clear opportunity to simply throw the bums out. Don't risk any more lives. Go into the voting booth and vote the straight Democratic ticket.

Oh, you voted already? Good!

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Blogger Cynthia Johnston said...

CONGRATULATIONS FROM TACOMA, WASHINGTON. I was surfing the net looking for election results, assuming that Diebold was about to make all the pundits wrong and voila!

Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania became the first Republican senator to fall to the Democrats, losing his seat after two conservative terms to Bob Casey Jr., the state treasurer.

I hope this is the first of many. I hope my paranoia about Diebold is unfounded. I hope we save America for democracy.


9:06 PM  

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