Friday, November 09, 2007

Sally Swift, Comic Heroine

"Sally is, with her live-in companion, Frank Universal, one of the agency 's top agents. The WSU employs the services of a number of highly motivated, jungle-trained agents in Africa and Asia." Frank Universal and Sally Swift of the W.S.U.


Well, wait. I might be an agent -- though if I told you, I've have to kill you.

My live-in companion (i.e., husband) is in fact named Frank. And we do have a leopard of sorts ... if a night-prowling pussycat counts.

But anyone who knows me can tell you I would never pull jungle duty. Never. Not. Ever.

As for the rest of the story, I can also tell you this: we totally support the Defense of the Environment. But whatever The Dark Ones call themselves, including World Safety Unit, we would never work for the current administration. Never. Not. Ever.

I'll leave that to Homicron. Wait. Could that be Condi? Not so comic after all.

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