Friday, November 18, 2005

Phila Eagles - T.O. Win or not T.O. Win?

''We would love to have T.O. back, we would love to have him back because we love what he brings to the team. It would definitely make us a better team.'' Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Jeremiah Trotter

Okay, I've had enough. I am frankly up to here with the controversy surrounding the Philadelphia Eagles' QB Donavon McNabb and his "evil nemesis," star wide receiver Terrell Owens.

It's basically broken down into two camps. One lionizing McNabb while demonizing Owens. The other, annoyed and frustrated by all the pissing and moaning, who just want the damn team to win. Count me in camp number 2.

Inquirer columnist Phil Sheridan wrote a moving and passionate defense of McNabb today that just plain put me over the top.

The year began with a three-interception loss in the Super Bowl. That's the kind of experience that can weigh on any proud athlete. McNabb's effort to rebound from that has been undermined at every turn by Owens, the teammate from hell. This is what Jesse Jackson and Ralph Nader could never grasp in a million years - the team-killing impact of Owens' words and deeds over the last eight months.
Give me a break. A three-interception Super Bowl loss from a 28 million dollar quarterback isn't simply an "experience" -- in some states it's a hanging offense. And a frustrated athlete with an attitude and a big mouth is hardly anything new -- especially in Philly, for cryin' out loud.

This isn't Peewee Football, it's the National Football League -- a huge, multibillion dollar business. And these aren't tender-ego'd little kids--no matter how much Campbell's Soup Mama McNabb schills. They're big, bruising professional athletes. With equally massive salaries. Paid for, in large part, by their fans. Who want to see the Eagles win football games. Period.

Mr. Sheridan, in all his heartfelt breast-beating about the importance of The Team, is also quick to suggest that the Eagles management sack the deadwood around McNabb and surround him with "the best team their money can buy."

Terrell Owens may have a big mouth and a bad attitude, but he's also got an astounding ability to catch footballs in midair and run them into the end zone for touchdowns. I don't know about you, but that would be one of my top definitions of the best.

I am so tired of the McNabb apologists who insist he and the Eagles are being damaged by one of their teammate's outspoken criticism of their performance. Jeezus. If
they're that sensitive, they better not read the Daily News or join their angry "fans" out in the parking lot after a loss -- they'd never play football again.

I'd be willing to bet that instead, most of the Eagles, like Jeremiah Trotter, just want to win.

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