Thursday, April 20, 2006

Bush the Decider

"I'm the decider, and I decide what's best." George W. Bush

Do you read quotes like that from the President of the United States and feel as embarrassed as I do?

The Leader of the Free World--the most powerful man on the planet--talks like a ten-year-old playground bully.

His bungled syntax, nervous hehehe's, drifts off topic, uncomfortable efforts to communicate with the press and the public used to be funny as Leno or Letterman sound bites. Not so much these days.

The country's not laughing. We're cringing.

Because the man at the top is losing it. And that's no laughing matter.

The pressure's getting to him. George W. Bush is not the kind of guy who takes criticism lightly. A sub-basement approval rating has got to be driving him to drink.

His handlers are clearly in near hysterical spin mode. And what's their solution? The most banal and least effective canard in the book -- a personnel shake-up.

It's been a frantic few weeks in Washington. Heads rolling, scapegoats taking hits left and right, pundits having a field day. Card, McClellan, Rove, Snow, even Rumsfeld and a growing list of White House staffers and policy wonks whose heads are said to be on the block.

We should be jumping for joy. So why do I find the whole thing one big yawn?

Nothing. Will. Change.

The new guys are carbon copies of the old guys. Bush and his posse have merely created graven images of their own craven self-worship.

Their version of damage control is little more than an illusion designed to take our focus off the War in Iraq, a new war with Iran ... not to mention medicare, social security, deficits, lobbyists and upcoming indictments.

The public's finally catching on. Right and left, nobody's buying it. Seems the ideal time to stage a coup, run these inept bunglers out of town on a rail.

One glitch in that scenario: we can't seem to find a Democrat who's a Decider.



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