Thursday, August 11, 2005

President Bushwhacker

Larry Downing/Reuters

"And so, you know, listen, I sympathize with Mrs. Sheehan. She feels strongly about her -- about her position. And I am -- she has every right in the world to say what she believes. This is America. She has a right to her position. And I've thought long and hard about her position. I've heard her position from others, which is, get out of Iraq now. And it would be -- it would be a mistake for the security of this country and the ability to lay the foundations for peace in the long-run, if we were to do so." George W. Bush

Yeah, right. As if. Who does he think he's kidding??

This President, this Leader of the Free World, this sorry excuse for a decent human being has gone too far.

After Cindy Sheehan's 24 year old son Casey was killed in Iraq last year, she and her family met with President Bush. According to the New York Times, Mrs. Sheehan said the president didn't know they had lost a child (he referred to the loss of cousins, aunts and uncles until she corrected him), nor did he know her son's name. And he acted as if he were at a party, referring to her disrespectfully as "Mom" throughout the meeting. Cleary he didn't remember her name either.

White House spokesman Trent Duffy responded in part to her statements, "The president knows one of his most important responsibilities is to comfort the families of the fallen." I'm sure it was a great comfort to the Sheehans that the president couldn't even be bothered to learn their dead child's name.

Neither he nor his Right Wing supporters care one whit about Casey Sheehan or the death toll in Iraq except as it affects their own personal and political agendas. The dead and dying are pawns in their global games, useful only as shadow puppets to distract us from their megalomaniacal, sociopathic aims.

Listen up, you cold blooded bastards: to lose a child is the worst nightmare in the human experience. Period.

And to cause the deaths of not one, not ten, not fifty, but over eighteen hundred children of American parents--not to mention the thousands of children of Iraqi parents, and those from other nations corrupted into joining this unholy war--is beyond obscene.

You speak of sympathy and security in the same breath, making your immoral case for Government By Fear. You are evil incarnate.

You beat your breasts over the sanctity of human life while denying millions the lifesaving benefits of stem cell research. And you horn in on one family's private struggle over the final destiny of a brain dead woman--trying to use OUR Government to "save" a life already gone.

Yet you seem to have no problem at all with the dead bodies piling up in Iraq. The hypocrisy of your position is breathtakingly venal.

You, Mr. President, vacation on your ranch and brush off a grieving mother--all grieving parents--with the same careless ease your horse flicks away flies with its tail. How dare you! There are no breaks from responsibility when you are a wartime president.

Just as there is no respite from pain and anger and grief when your child has been killed in that war.

"I want my son’s sacrifice and the sacrifices of the other brave Americans to stand for peace and to bring peace to the world and not to spread more hate. You know, he said that my son died to spread freedom and democracy in that region. We're spreading imperialism and death and destruction everywhere we go. And, no, not one more drop of blood in my son's name or the names of any other of our brave young people who have made the ultimate sacrifice for basically nothing." Cindy Sheehan

Read the entire interview with Cindy Sheehan. She is a remarkable woman, and American.

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