Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Paris Rights Fights

"Time quickly puts an end to artificial and accidental fame" Samuel Johnson

This ABC and NBC End Race to Interview Paris Hilton is possibly one of the dumbest "news" accounts I've ever read.

And in the New York Times of all places. About ABC and NBC news divisions of all organizations. Not Fox, not Bravo, USA, Spike. Not even, oh, I don't know, The National Enquirer.

I guess when it comes to the American public's perceived rapacious appetite for the witless wombats known as Starlets and Celebutants, even so-called Serious Journalism believes it's open season on the concept of "newsworthy."

No less a journalistic icon than Barbara Walters is apparently willing to become a Whore for Hilton. Barbara, Barbara, you've interviewed heads of state, captains of industry, even okay, no problem, giants of the entertainment industry.

But the lives of Paris Hilton (or Lindsay Lohan and their ilk) are not entertaining. They're certainly not news. Not when they get out of jail (or rehab). Not when they resume their self-indulgent, irresponsible partying ways.

These enfants terribles will only become newsworthy when eventually, inevitably they drive drunk again and kill themselves or--god forbid--innocent victims.

Until then, please, will all news and quasi news agencies please Shut the Hilton Up!

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Blogger triLcat said...

One thing that makes sooooo little sense to me... If you're so freaking rich, why can't you just hire a limo driver for the evening when you want to get smashed?!

She insists on her "right" to kill others just because she's rich!


7:53 AM  
Anonymous Regina said...

Think the "enfants terribles" may have hit a tipping point ... Look for Hannah Montana to emerge & Jessica Simpson to make a cleaner-cut comeback. Just a guess ...

2:08 PM  
Anonymous Regina said...

Agree re: driver. Why on earth any of them are driving is beyond me. Hire a driver 24/7. End of issue. At least the DUI one.

2:09 PM  

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