Thursday, July 27, 2006

Coulter Takes a Bath

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"I think that sort of rampant promiscuity does show some level of latent homosexuality. ... It's reminiscent of a bathhouse. It's just this obsession with your own -- with your own essence." Ann Coulter

I think that sort of rampant psycho-babble does show a high level of blatant ignorance. And if anyone would know about obsession with one's own essence, it would be the Queen of the Damn.

Ann Coulter's latest bitch-slap, postulating that Bill Clinton is gay, is out of the closet, making the media rounds and hitting the blogosphere with a resounding SMACK.

Not sure if there's a connection, but newspapers around the country are dropping her column in ever increasing numbers. At last, Vox Populi is catching on.

There isn't another pundit on the planet who's gotten more attention for less value than Ann Coulter. The Boomer generation had Gore Vidal, but at least he had talent and depth. And he was so smoothly vicious even his victims seemed to enjoy their own eviscerations.

I'd try to trash Coulter, but in order to come up with an acceptable degree of brinkmanship, I'd have to stoop to her facile, basement level repartee. Wait, it's not even repartee -- that suggests a soupcon of wit and wisdom. Which she ain't got.

The National Review's Florence King is just out with a stellar review of La Coulter. King nails Coulter to the outhouse wall where she belongs. There's this:

I am not saying that everyone has to be witty and original and overflowing with dazzling bons mots — after all, Coulter is a lawyer and I wouldn’t want to see her let down the side. I am just curious to know why she was content to call Katie Couric “the affable Eva Braun of morning TV.” Couldn’t she come up with something better? How about Simper Fidelis?
And this:
At her best, Coulter writes well, but the chief source of her success is that she is a perfect match for the American ideal: smart as a whip but dumb as a post, educated but not learned, sexy but not sensuous, all at the same time.
And this:
She would not hesitate to choose a sledgehammer over a stiletto because her instincts would pull her back from what the 18th century called “demolishing your enemies without raising your voice.” She would know that if a writer uses a stiletto, a lot of people might not get the point, but they would definitely get the loftiness that accompanies irony and understatement. And so, knowing that being called an elitist spells ruin, she opted for a sledgehammer and raised the roof instead.
Fits Coulter to a tee. A sledgehammer in stilettos.

If only she packed a genuine punch, she'd be a real killer. As it is, she's just a big-mouthed broad with a buffalo chip on her shoulder.

Blech. Excuse me while I go take a bath.

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