Monday, January 17, 2005


The Sun, London

"He that is kind is free, though he be a slave; he that is evil is a slave, though he be a king." Saint Augustine

Defenders abound: boys will be boys, a foolish prank, an ill-advised act by a thoughtless youth. Silence from those in charge. And from the offender a watery, lame apology. Should the rest of the world ignore the heinous behavior of Harry, third in line of succession to the British Crown just because he's 19 years old? No, dammit!

This is not a tacky tabloid story, it's a frightening wake up call. If shallow, callow Harry had worn a Klan sheet, indignant howls would be heard around the world, as they should be. And the same cries against his wearing a Nazi uniform should ring out from all of us, not just from Jewish groups.

The Holocaust was a bloody stain on the fabric of all humanity, arguably the greatest horror in history. If this worldly young man doesn't know how tasteless and ignorant it is for anyone, prince or pauper to strut proudly in public -or in private- wearing a Nazi armband, then his family has truly failed him and the millions who fought and died to erase that symbol and all it stood for.

Wealth, privilege and youth shouldn't insure immunity from the consequences of appalling actions. On the contrary, we should hold those with access to knowledge, education and family guidance to an even higher standard of appropriate behavior. And one wonders, where did he get this costume? You don't just walk into Walmart and buy one. Somebody must have helped him, somebody must have known about it.

Where were the ADULTS who should have taught him right from wrong in the first place, and where are they now?

If Harry were my kid, or your kid, we'd stand up and say, "My son has disgraced himself and our family and he will be held accountable. We will make sure he fully understands the history of the Holocaust and the price paid by so many millions of people. We accept the justifiable outrage caused by his actions, and we sincerely apologize for them. He will learn to become an advocate of injustice and then he will apologize to you himself."

Every thoughtful, intelligent person on the planet should let this kid and his elders know, "SHAME ON YOU!"

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