Monday, September 19, 2005

Dems' Opposition to Roberts: ROFLMAO

"John Roberts is the wrong man for the job." Howard Dean

Well. That kind of tough talkin' surely has George W. Bush and his radical right wing Republican cronies quaking in their boots. It's no wonder they're still running roughshod over the country. The Democratic Party is so lame and lost, it doesn't seem to know there's a ten foot pole stuck up its ass -- a pole called Howard Dean.

Conservative Chief Justice nominee John Roberts has run rings around the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee. And it looks like he'll easily turn those rings into a lasso to corral Congress when it comes to a vote on his nomination. We still don't know where he stands--or what he stands for--on the most fundamental and critical issues of individual rights and freedoms.

So what has the Democratic Party done to wrangle some straight answers out of this cunning cowboy, and to prevent his confirmation?

Did they hire a team of investigators to dig into Roberts' past? Heavens no. Too "sleazy" for the liberal, high-minded Party of the People.

Engage a firm of high powered lawyers to compel the release of more Roberts documents? Nope, didn't work in 2000, why bother to try it again.

Put together a group of marketing/psychology experts to advise committee members on how to finesse some direct answers out of Roberts? Nah, just get the same tired old Democratic warhorses to let him have it.

Have what? A victory party?

Well, yes. It would seem the Democratic Party has come to the conclusion that Roberts will win in a walk. And it's time to marshal their resources for Bush's next nominee. But it appears Howard Dean, titular head of the Democratic Party, missed that meeting. And like a crazed and dazed Energizer Bunny, is still going ... with the party's wan support.

And what is the Damn Dumb Dean 11th Hour strategy? Kick up a grassroots dust storm with an anti-Roberts Letter to the Editor campaign, starting with a leadoff national op-ed piece from Dean.

Oh yeah, baby. That'll get 'em where they live.

It gets better. The email, from, says Here's what I think about John Roberts. So many mistakes, so little time. I'll give you my top three: 1. Forget Rallying Cry, even as an attention grabber, the title totally bites. 2. The sender is not identified, leaving us to wonder, "Who are you and why should I care what you think about anything?" 3. From the opening paragraph, the op-ed appears to written by a moderate REPUBLICAN.

I read it and literally blinked, then reread, then blinked again. Here it is, get ready:
"John Roberts is a decent family man and a bright, articulate, thoughtful judge. He has a quality absent in previous right wing candidates like Antonin Scalia and Robert Bork, namely a judicial temperament that makes litigants feel that they have been respectfully heard whether they are on the winning or losing side of a verdict."
Whose side is Dean on?? In the game of high stakes politics, you gotta play hard, and sometimes dirty -- at least as dirty as the other guy. By insisting on taking the High Road, the Democrats have handed Republicans access to the open road, directly to the Promised Land of Power. And if Dems haven't been taking the high road all these years, then they've been spinning their wheels around the kiddie track. Trust me, neither is a winning strategy.

The Democratic Party has managed to garner 54 thousand letters to the editor in the past two days. Pathetic. generates triple that response in a few hours, not days. And here's one reason why: the opening paragraph from their editorial campaign,
"For the last three days, the Senate has been assessing whether John Roberts should be our next Chief Justice. But Roberts isn’t answering some of their most important questions. He’s directly refused to answer over 100 questions, and evaded countless more. His silence is unprecedented, and for someone nominated to shape the judiciary of this country for 40 years, unacceptable."
I swear to God, it's like comparing apples and idiots.

And if I'm laughing at the latest limp liberal salvo, can you imagine how the GOP gonzos are responding? Any one of them will be happy to tell you: Rolling On the Floor, Laughing My Ass Off.

While Roberts laughs all the way to the Supreme Court.

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