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"Understand the causes of terror? Yes, we should try, but let there be no moral ambiguity about this: nothing could ever justify the events of September 11 and it is to turn justice on its head to pretend it could." Tony Blair

9/11. That's all we'll ever have to say to call up one of history's greatest horrors. It's on a Tuesday this year. Just like it was on September 11, 2001. I have my own memories of that Tuesday, lived out online.

Remember last year? It was a big media deal on the 5th Anniversary of 9/11. An artificial milestone, but the memories are just as important.

The memories of horrendous terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers and--let's never forget--also on the Pentagon and who knows where else if not for the heroic efforts of passengers on Flight 93.

Every day of the year thousands of people around the world commemorate the anniversaries of the deaths of loved ones. Many from illness, accidents even natural causes.

But there's nothing natural about dying in a war. The number of Americans killed by the War in Iraq has now exceeded the number of those killed here at home on 9/11/01.

How can that be? How could we have let our president and our congress take us to war in a country that had NOTHING to do with the attacks on America? We were hoodwinked. Tricked. Given false information for still incomprehensible reasons.

Why did George W. Bush and his administration of Crooks and Liars want a war in Iraq? Afghanistan, yes, that's where terrorists train to kill. Pakistan's not looking so pro-America these days either.

I don't know what to say any more.

I only know this: The best way to honor the decent, honorable men and women killed on 9/11, in Iraq and Afghanistan is to make our government stop the killing. End the dishonorable war.

Please. No more bodies.

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