Friday, July 20, 2007

Happy Birthday, Honey

"When it comes to getting older, we have a choice: cling to the past ... or let go and enjoy the spiritual journey." Ram Dass

Today is my husband's birthday. Not a milestone or anything, but still, I think every birthday's worth celebrating. Especially if you're a Boomer.

Plus, I like to give him what he didn't get for most birthdays as a kid -- his own birthday. With his own cake, presents, some special attention.

No, he wasn't neglected. He grew up in a perfectly middle class home with perfectly decent, caring parents.

His mother, bless her heart and may she rest in peace, just wasn't big on celebrations and gifts for any occasion. She grew up during the Depression, worked her way through college, became a teacher, a wife and a mother of three boys.

She was very practical and scrupulously fair. She felt she had to reciprocate for the parties her two older boys attended. Since they were only 15 months apart and shared many of the same friends, she saw no reason they shouldn't share a birthday party too.

And she reasoned that since few families were home in the summer for Frank's real birthday, the party would be held on his brother's birthday in November. They laugh about it now, admitting that for years they didn't even know Frank was born in July.

I'm glad he was born, period. And I'd throw him a party if he'd let me. But he got used to sharing the occasion, not being fussed over, instead being quietly practical.

So we'll go out to a quiet dinner, he'll get some gifts. And I won't tell the server to put a candle in a cupcake.

But when we get home, I'll give him some special attention.

Happy Birthday, Honey.

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