Friday, July 06, 2007

Stop the Insanity! No, Not That Way

"Tell President Bush that you are appalled by his actions. Sign our petition today letting President Bush know that this outrageous conduct won’t be tolerated by the American people." Senator Charles Schumer

I've got a news flash for Senator Schumer: President Bush isn't listening!

And I'm up to Here with pointless petitions against yet another atrociously illegal act by George W. Bush, Dick E-for-Evil Cheney and the rest of the Repugnant Republicans who've been mugging our country for close to 8 years.

Petitions don't work! Click all you want. Nothing changes.

Yes I support the causes. Yes I'm appalled by the actions. Yes I want accountability, impeachment, trials, prison -- at this point, even torture's starting to look too good for these goons.

I've been signing and writing and voting and petitioning for years, waiting for Somebody Somewhere to Stand Up and Do Something about the staggering number of laws the Bush administration and Republicans in Congress have broken.

I've been howling at the moon about the thousands of lives they've caused to be lost or destroyed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Now a petition about Scooter Libby? Oh, please. Stop wasting precious time and resources on a guy who wouldn't implicate the Big Fish and instead took the rap for them in exchange for no jail time. (Not to mention that the issue of presidential pardons is not the best place for Democratic outrage...)

The country doesn't care. Most people don't even know why Libby was convicted in the first place. Americans only know what's important to Them. And regardless of the president and his Republican congress polling at record lows, the Bush team is still winning.

We've got a Democratic Congress now. I thought they could at least Start the Ball Rolling. They can't get a consensus on immigration. They can't force the administration to begin to staunch the bleeding of billions of dollars to illegal contractors, much less stop the War in Iraq.

Let's face it. Nothing and Nobody Can Stop George Bush and Dick Chaney from Breaking the Law. We have allowed them to become bulletproof.

Nothing and Nobody can stop them from Getting People Killed. From stealing our tax money. From torturing whomever they please. From trampling our rights to privacy, freedom of assembly and expression. From letting citizens rot, die, go hungry and homeless. From putting our country's security at risk.

No one can stop the most horrible governing crew this country's ever known.

At this point I'd welcome Richard Nixon back from the grave and into the White House if it meant an end to the Bush/Cheney Axis of Evil.

Bill Clinton was impeached for lying about adultery. Not a defensible act, but in the end, not Mass Murder. People have GOT to STOP carping about the Clinton's marriage and look around our broken country at the Bush-created carnage.

Yet George W. Bush will never be impeached, nor Chaney or any others indicted. And they've committed actual crimes against humanity.

I implore my fellow Democrats in power and the panoply of organizations that support them -- stop wasting our time and money on petitions and continue to keep your eye on the ball.

Focus on the 2008 election:
Get more democrats Registered to Vote.

Democratic presidential candidates.

Shore up the Democratic majority in the
House and Senate.

Get the goods on individual Republican senators and representatives.
Look to the future. The past and the present are lost.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't give up, Sally! We can't let the bastards get away with this.


6:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You people are so unpatriotic you should be sent to jail. If you live in America you should love your country and your PResident. And right near the forth of july too! Whats wrong with you?????

6:54 PM  
Blogger Sally Swift said...

This person voted for George W. Bush. He/she will defend Bush to the bitter --and I do mean bitter-- end.

That's why our country's in such an unholy mess.

6:56 PM  

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