Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Toute La Même

"Meme: an idea, behavior, style, or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture." Merriam-Webster Dictionary (in French, meme = "same")

I love the fact that blogging has become so viral. I've made cyber friends with bloggers around the country and the world. No matter the differences in our earthly lives, online we are a culture unto ourselves.

All genuine bloggers have something to offer. And much to learn from one another.

My latest new pal is Leah, aka triLcat, a gifted writer who happens to be a pregnant 20-something American woman living in Israel. We not only read each other's blogs, we also email when the spirit moves.

Her latest post --Polarity Meme-- explains that a Meme is a list you post and urge others to post containing 10 things you dislike and 20 things you love.

"The concept," she says, "is to get some frustrations off your chest, and then to get positive again..."

I like the idea.

So here's my Polarity Meme. Oh, one thing: I'm free-associating this list on the spot, so let's not get bogged down in Order of Importance, okay?

10 Things I Can't Stand

1. The War in Iraq.
2. George W. Bush.
3. Migraines that won't go away.
4. Drunk drivers.
5. My husband's snoring. (I know he can't help it. Just like I can't help hating the sound of it.)
6. Cancer.
7. The sight of mucus dripping down someone's face. Bleecchh!
8. Reality TV shows of ANY kind.
9. A room full of screaming children.
10. GUNS!

20 Things I Love

1. The very sight of my son.
2. Pepsi. Especially the first sip in a glass filled with crushed ice.
3. Writing my little heart out.
4. My self-designed walk-in closet.
5. My iPod. I can't imagine life without it. Everyone must get an iPod. Really. You won't know how you ever lived without one.
6. Dancing to my favorite music -- all by myself or with people I love.
7. Chicken breasts with mayo and potato chips.
8. The way my husband rubs my feet.
9. Watching our cat move.
10. Reading in bed.
11. The sound of happiness in my mother's voice when I call her on the phone.
12. Memories of Ocean City, especially taking all the kids to the boardwalk.
13. Dino's tuna hoagies.
14. Lying in bed with my husband Sunday mornings watching old movies.
15. Looking at family pictures.
16. The West Wing, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, anything by Aaron Sorkin.
17. Almost all the pins my son has given me.
18. Yes, of course, Chocolate. Mostly M&M's. Reeces Peanut Butter Cups too.
19. Visiting our family in Israel.
20. Sinking into my thick, soft feather pillow.

Wow. This really worked. Not only do I feel more positive, I have at least 10 other things clammoring to be added to the Things I Love list.

You gotta try a Polarity Meme of your own.

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