Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Email 2 from Betsy from China

Xi'an, China

"This is the coolest trip we've ever taken." my sister Betsy from Xi'an, China

Another email from my sister about her travels with her son as he prepares to spend a graduate semester at the University of Beijing. This one's brief, but oh, the pictures.
Yesterday we arrived in Xi'an which, aside from the terra cotta soldiers is an exquisite little city, much of it surrounded by a stone wall. This is currently Kenny's city of choice to come back to after school to teach English for a year while furthering his Chinese. (It used to be Beijing and, no doubt, will be Shanghai soon).

The terra cotta soldiers may be the most extraordinary thing in the world. By sheer size and man hours - apparently 700,000 people working for 35 years - it takes your breath away. Really indescribable.

Last night we went to an all-you-can-eat-and-drink (beer, but beer nevertheless) buffet. YIKES. Oh yes, $15 total for all three of us.

We're walking miles a day but it is nowhere near keeping pace with our eating.
Tough nuggies. On to Shanghai this afternoon.

Kisses all around. Hope all is well. xoxoxox
Think about it: 700,000 people working for 35 years. Yeah, we do that in America. Right. Our culture--especially our kids--can learn a lot from China's culture of dedication and hard work.



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