Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fox Plowed Sally Field

"And let's face it, if mothers ruled the world there would be no g-ddamn wars in the first place." Sally Field

Fox TV should be ashamed of what they did to Sally Field--and all Americans--Emmy night. But they're probably still congratulating themselves on striking another blow for the self-appointed freedom censors of the Conservative Right.

The first buzz was that Fields got the hook for using the F-word. Which, really, late at night on a show few were even watching on a network that regularly uses the N-word and other vulgarities is hardly the crime of the century.

And guess what? Turns out she only took the Lord's name in vain. Like nobody at Fox ever says g-ddamn. Puhlease. That wasn't it.

In Fox's world, Field's crime was taking the War in Iraq's name in vain. The Right Wing political agenda's name in vain. The policies of the Bush administration's name in vain.

Fox sent the final words of her acceptance speech into a Soprano-like black void not because of her language. Let's be very clear: it was her politics Fox bleeped.

Liberal, anti-war, Democrat, anti-Bush are the real dirty words to the Right Wingnuts at Fox. But if any of them listened, they would have heard Sally Field patriotically dedicate her award to all mothers of all soldiers serving our country.

All those Fox conservative creeps who conspired to bring censorship to the Emmy's should have their mouths washed out with soap for taking the name of Freedom in vain.

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Blogger Goldenberg said...

And you expected...?
Murdoch owns the network, he gets to do whatever he wants. He doesn't wanna hear from Sally Field and her humane and outspoken viewpoint.

When we own the network, we can let Sally Fields and all the other bloomin' bleeding-heart liberals (of which I am one) insert their correct politics into their acceptance speeches.

Meantime, why are MSM, bloggers, water-cooler talkies--whatever--focusing on stuff like OJ's bail, and Dan Rather suing CBS, and presidential politics that are 2 years off?

--Instead of what's important to us now: 1. The Iraq and Middle-East occupation and errors and human lives lost due to American impirical policy; 2. The broken health care system to which millions and millions of Americans are held hostage; 3. The well-known and publicized genocides taking place around the world to which we as citizens are wilfully oblivious, helped by the blindfolded media--Darfur, Southeast Asia, China and on and on.

Wake me up when everyone's on the same page. Otherwise, I'll continue to bury myself in the news and use my own inadequate but working filters to get to the bottom of our priorities. I already know OJ Simpson insn't on that list.

8:57 PM  

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