Thursday, November 17, 2005

Insanity in the National News

"Publicly, we say one thing. Actually, we do another." Richard Nixon

People, people. I've been AFB (Away From Blog) for a week and return to find the world's gone even madder in my absence.

Let's review a few top stories.

Watergate Saint Bob Woodward played a role in the Plame scandal? I say we put Bob Woodward, Bob Novack, Judy Miller, Scooter Libby, Karl Rove, Valerie Plame and Dick Cheney in a room and keep them there until hell freezes over -- or they all tell the truth -- whichever comes first.

"Reverse Robin Hood" Budget
Well, here's a great Republican plan: cut vital services for the poor and give even more tax breaks to the rich. What chutzpah. They want to continue spending mega-billions on an illegal, immoral, impeachable war while gutting Medicaid, food stamps and student loans -- thus hurting those who are most likely to be fighting in it.

Remember the Katrina Victims? FEMA Doesn't
While we're talking about absurd spending practices, let's not overlook all the displaced Katrina victims FEMA's ready to throw out on the street by halting housing subsidies. Do I have this right: Michael Brown is still drawing a FEMA salary while hundreds of thousands of Katrina's homeless are once again being victimized by the federal government?

Alito's Past Joins the Present
Finally, the fight is joined. I've been wondering when the Dems would find their own cojones and refuse to be steamrolled by the Miers-Alito double play. They're duking it out on the Senate floor now over a memo Alito wrote during his stint with the Reagan administration indicating his support for conservative views on abortion, affirmative action and limits on federal power over the states. Senators Reid, Kennedy and Schumer are taking the lead. Here's hoping many others follow.

The Bush Cheney Spin Cyclone
The president's approval rating is in the toilet. Even many Republicans, thrown for a loop by increasing evidence of the administration's dishonesty in taking us to war--and the antiwar sentiments epitomized by their defeats in last week's off-year elections--are calling for an exit timetable. Senate democrats are finally stepping up and demanding answers. And what do Bush and Cheney do? Call anyone who questions the war unpatriotic. Say they're turning their backs on our fighting troops. Beyond chutzpah.

Vietnam, Cambodia ... Iraq?
It's downright creepy that our current Commander in Chief believes God talks to him. I am, however, beginning to wonder if in fact he's been listening to the ghost of Richard Nixon.



Blogger Carl said...


Even assuming Judge Alito supports "conservative views on abortion, affirmative action and limits on federal power over the states" (though I don't), is that somehow disqualifying? Why? Under what legal authority? Why were Ruth Bader Ginsburg's "liberal views" on those same topics not grounds for rejection?

Those insisting ours is a "living Constitution" that can change over time via "non-textual rights" have no standing to reject a nominee they fear might read the text differently. If Judges can alter the Constitution -- remember, we Federalist Society types say 'no' -- no reading, liberal or conservative, is a priori more legitimate than another.

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