Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My Chanukah Gift to You

I'm back from wherever we went. It was ... an interesting trip. I'll tell you more this week. In the meantime, no matter how you worship--or don't--a few ways to Give and Learn.

Head Butler - Holiday Charity

Let's Say Thanks

Give2TheTroops - Supporting Deployed U.S. Troops With Care Packages

YouTube - Cool Facts about Israel

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Anonymous roz said...

My site is offering 100 GIFT eCard Club Memberships to 100 of our Jewish Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

While I would like to help all our troops, my site is Judaic in Theme.

To find out more about the offer please go to:


I have had a great problem getting the word out. People think I am doing it for publicity. After seven weeks I gave up trying, but I saw your post and decided to give it another whirl.

It is a real shame, when a *from the heart* offer goes unnoticed. Those really being hurt are the troops who might have wanted to take advantage and communicate with loved ones, family and friends back home.

Roz Fruchtman

11:27 PM  

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