Monday, March 10, 2008

Dry Bones for Israel's Wet Eyes

"Their lives were a testimony to the values which are shared by both Israel and the United States -- lives of religious commitment and tolerance, the spirit of independent thinking and living, and love of one's fellow human beings. Terrorists cannot live with or by those values -- and so they murder beautiful young people." Dan Kurtzer

Horror in Israel. Again. Students cut down by a maniac. More horror: unlike Virginia Tech, Columbine and other deadly school rampages here in America, this particular maniac was state-sanctioned. His murderous actions were publicly celebrated by the Palestinian government and many of its citizens.

So it's time to stop talking Clinton/Obama presidential politics and take a moment to reflect on a far deadlier conflict ... where the stakes are literally life and death.

As I've temporarily lost the use of one hand due to surgery, I've been featuring posts from friends' blogs. I've decided to shut up about my minor inconvenience. There are families in Israel who will never recover from the loss of their children.

Yaakov Kirschen, aka Israel's legendary Dry Bones gives voice to their pain and a unique look at life in Israel when terror strikes.

Understanding Israel's Neighbors

Whenever you read news stories about American Jews focusing on our government's support for Israel and wonder why it's so important, think of this most recent abomination. What if it happened to you?

Jerusalem Post Tribute to the Victims of Terror Casualties of War

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Talk about wanting to see people pushed into the sea, let's start with Palistinian terrorists and all who support them.

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