Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Barack Obama Kennedy?

Gerald Martineau -- The Washington Post

"There must be a Camelot, a hidden Utopia where we can rest from our personal campaigns. Fantasy opens our eyes to a better place, a shining city we do not yet know." Bryan Davis

I'm a serious, full time Hillary Clinton supporter. All this Kennedy furor initially just got on my nerves. But then, somehow it got into my head and shook me up for about a day. Had I made an error in judgement? Was I backing the wrong candidate? Making a bad choice?

NO, no and no! What, all of a sudden I'm taking my cue from Ted Kennedy? I. Don't. Think. So.

As for Caroline, I don't get it. She has to know by now all about the dirty rotten scoundrels who were her grandfather, father and uncles. She can't possibly still buy into the Kennedy Camelot myth herself? Can she?

Apparently so. I was a kid during Jack Kennedy's presidency. I got progressively older during Bobby and Teddy's time in the spotlight. So did she. It might tarnish my Boomer Halo but I have to say I was never a fan of any of them. Except maybe Caroline.

But I'm all grown up now and even though I still enjoy a good fairy tale, we've put up with Bush and his Naughty Boys long enough. I want to see an actual grown up in the White House.

Sorry, Caroline, but Barack Obama isn't the one, no matter what your family wants us to believe. On the other hand, he's in the right place at the right time to rewrite Kennedy history. (I was going to say "whitewash" but thought better of it...)

Obama is the perfect choice to reincarnate Camelot, sans the Mafia, Marilyn Monroe, Chappaquiddick, Chicago vote fraud, Bay of Pigs ... the list is dizzying and endless. Who better than a black and white, made-to-order political foil to wipe the slate clean?

All the good old liberal buzzwords wrapped up in one neat, clean, intelligent package -- with only a brief (and I don't get it, but somehow "acceptable") drug history and a current ciggie habit, virtually a push in this day and age. If only he had a Boston accent.

A slightly rocky family story with just enough skeletons in the closet for a dash of reality. Smart, pretty, fashionable, activist wife, pure perfection. Not enough kids for a good touch football game, but hey, it's all about Wii now anyway.

We Kennedys. Us and Them mentality. And finally, after all these years, someone to replicate and redeem Us just enough to fool Them.

Sorry, no matter Caroline's articulate and passionate plea, no matter Senator Ted's elder statesman bluster, no matter the media's fascination with the play, it's just the Kennedys doing what they always do. They're trying to own the cycle and the cyclist.

Not to mention knock the Hicks from Little Rock off the road to the White House.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your too old to get it. Obamba rocks.

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