Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Florida - Parents, Not Politics

"Youth would be an ideal state if it came a little later in life." Herbert Henry Asquith

We've been in Florida. Just as well, since my head was about to explode, sending political fragments all over the place. I've been overwhelmed by Campaign Fatigue, Media Madness, Pundit Parlance and Candidate Combustion.

Frankly, I was also tired of the sound of my own voice. So I took some time off to visit my parents. Grab some sun. Hit the pool, then the hot tub. Read. Sleep. Relax.

My biggest decision was whether I'd cook or we'd go out to dinner.

I'm not going to write more about my folks. I've already
said pretty much all I have to say. At least for now.

So go on over to Blinq and read about Dan Rubin's dilemma over what songs to put on his mom's iPod for her 80th birthday:
Blinq: Loading Grandma's iPod.

Dan and I are both lucky to have parents who are not only alive but living active lives. Setting great examples for all of us on aging not only gracefully, but energetically.

Here's the perfect perspective ... the physical therapist suggested my dad use a cane just until his daily workouts on the weight machines made his legs stronger.

"No cane," said Dad, who'll be 92 in May. "It'll make me look like an old man."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Never too tired to complain, I say.

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