Friday, February 15, 2008

Joe Wilson's Case For Hillary

"Contrary to the myth of [Obama's] campaign, 2008 is not the year for transcendental transformation." former ambassador Joseph Wilson

Joe Wilson, who's been there done that (think Plamegate), goes on:

The task for the next administration will be to repair the damage done by eight years of radical rule. And the choice for Americans is clear: four more years of corrupt Republican rule, senseless wars, evisceration of the Constitution, emptying of the national treasury -- or rebuilding our government and our national reputation, piece by piece. Obama's overtures to Republicans, or "Obamacans" as the Senator calls them, is a substitute for true national unity based on a substantive program. His marginal appeals have marginally helped him in caucuses in Republican states that Democrats won't win in the general election. But his vapid rhetoric will not withstand the winds of November. His efforts will be correctly seen by the Republican leadership as a sign of weakness to be exploited. While disaffected Democrats may long for comity in our politics after years of being harangued and belittled by the right wing echo chamber, the Rovians currently promoting Obama are looking to destroy him should he become the nominee. Obama's claim to float uniquely above the fray and avoid polarization will be short-lived. He is no less mortal than any other Democrat -- Michael Dukakis, Al Gore, John Kerry -- all untouched at the beginning of their campaigns and all mauled by the end. We should never forget recent history.
Wilson makes a far more informed and cogent case than I ever could.

Read the full piece. Please. And tell me you agree. Joseph C. Wilson: Battle-Tested - Politics on The Huffington Post

If you disagree, tell me why. I don't want slogans. I don't want pie-in-the-sky rhetoric. Or empty promises. Or bullsh*t about Bill.

I want facts. Details. A defense of Obama stripped of hype and meaningless buzz-phrases about hope and change and dreams.Take Wilson's reasoning apart and show me where he's wrong.

You can't. Because he's not.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joe Wilson is much more eloquent that I am so I'll limit my comment to simply stating that I agree with him 100%. I would like to add that Hillary once again proved her resilience and strength by making an incredible comeback and winning in Ohio, Rhode Island and Texas. She is most definitely battle tested.

12:02 AM  

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