Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spitzer: Show Spine, Don't Resign

"When written in Chinese, the word "crisis" is composed of two characters-one represents danger, and the other represents opportunity." John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Note to those currently salivating over the Spitzer scandal: you're all wet. We need leaders like Eliot Spitzer. He's one of the Good Guys. Most of whom, by the way, history has shown to have healthy sexual appetites.

So what?!

We're in a WAR, a recession, a nationwide health, education and welfare crisis. Americans are losing their jobs, their homes, their pensions, their children, their future. Not to mention their Human Rights ... a joke under our current administration.

Cities are exploding in violence. Schools are under growing threats of the same. Our country faces potential terrorist activities every day.

Yet somehow the FBI has time for a sex sting? Oh please. Just the place for our dwindling tax dollars - an evangelical witch hunt. Why not focus on the real evil-doers, the thieves, pedophiles, embezzlers, torturers, war-mongering profiteers?

They're the ones pointing their crooked fingers at Spitzer with hypocritical glee. And they're the ones who should read the US Constitution-and their bibles--more closely.

Eliot Spitzer was set up, his rights trampled and his privacy invaded in a political, personal and professional vendetta. Yes, he broke the law, banal and archaic though it be. His actions pale in comparison to the inalienable rights and laws broken in the quest to bring him down.

I don't care which prostitutes he paid for, how many times and in which hotels. You shouldn't either. The only people affected by his behavior are other consenting adults and members of his family.

Who did Eliot Spitzer hurt? Not innocent civilians. Not overwhelmed taxpayers. Not brave service men and women. Not children, the unemployed, the homeless, the helpless. Can W and his minions say the same?

Take your pick: sex or death? Payment for personal dalliance or political pork? From the president to the vice president to members of Congress, Republicans have made a mockery of our constitution, our country, our future. And WE have paid the price.

That any Republican would dare call for Spitzer's resignation is beyond hypocrisy. The list of Republican law-breakers still in office is long and disgraceful. The list of those who have never answered for their crimes is endless.

Eliot Spitzer should stay in office and fight the abuse of his constitutional rights. The Democratic party should champion his distinguished career of political decency, honor and accomplishment.

I don't care if he threw his white hat on a call girl's bedpost. I want to see it back on his head where it belongs.

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Blogger David Goldenberg said...

Uhhhhhhhhhh Sallllly--
Just because you're right, doesn't make us focus any better as pandered-to couch-potato average American dullards. The press LOVES this shit because we're buying the newspapers. And from there comes the rest of the snowball effect.
There is a tinge of stupidity in the whole thing as well, not to mention the fact that Spitzer is the latest in a line of apologizers for sexual misconduct in public office who I find hard to separate between "sorry for screwing up, " or "sorry for getting caught because I screwed up." (See today's LA Times op-ed piece "A Sorry Lot Indeed." http://www.latimes.com/news/opinion/la-oe-slansky11mar11,0,7512606.story)
What I'm most pissed of about is the same thing when Clinton was fooling around--it's hard enough to get elected, at least when it's a democrat let's make sure they STAY in office!
Spitzer's a loser he should resign--he was all fire and no follow-up, and now he's an arrogant bastard who thinks he can do whatever he wants--I feel most empathy for his daughters.
C'mon folks--$5,500 for a lay? I remember when holding the car door open for my date was a shoe-in!

8:10 PM  

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