Friday, April 04, 2008

Hilton Headache

"Don't forget until too late that the business of life is not business but living." Barry C. Forbes

Another business trip to a vacation resort. This time it's Hilton Head, South Carolina. AKA "The Low Country." Not sure what that means but I get an image of creatures crawling through a swamp. Not my favorite kind of place.

Hilton Head is well known as a golfer's paradise. In fact, our taxi driver tells us, there are 44 golf courses on the island, the most per square mile in the world. Which would add the unique distinction of featuring the ugliest outfits in the world.

Hilton Head Island's full time local population is about 50,000 but at any given time swells to include 3/4 million visitors. Many of them golfers. But also tourists and everyday vacationers. And conventioneers.

As with any vacation destination, there are things to do ... theme parks, beaches, museums and shopping in addition to golf.

And the real bonus to many (though not I): Hilton Head Island is teeming with wildlife areas, marshes, maritime forests. There are tours galore to explore the island on foot, in sailboats or via guided nature-kayaking excursion. This unique barrier island is a nature-lovers paradise.

So what to do if it rains? Every. Single. Day.

Hey, no problem. I'm happy to stay indoors. There's also a Spa.

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